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UCF real estate

University of Central Florida

UCF Real Estate

Welcome to the College Real Estate Page for the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. Many parents ponder whether they should buy or rent while their students attend college. For some the answer is to buy and for others the answer is to rent. College Real Estate hopes to help you find which is the right answer for you. Another great tool in helping you decide is our College Real Estate guide book that walks you through the entire process of buying student property. We hope you find this site useful and welcome any and all feed back. If you would like to be connected with a College Real Estate's exclusive Realtor in Orlando, Florida please visit our buying page. If you have decided that buying student housing is not the right answer for you and would like to be connected with a leasing specialist please visit our leasing page.

University of Central Florida

Considering how recently the University of Central Florida opened its doors to students (the first classes were held in 1968), the school has seen impressive growth both in numbers and in academic recognition. UCF began as a technological school whose purpose was to supply leaders to the Kennedy Space Center located just 35 miles away.

In 1978, the technological school was renamed and refocused as a general undergraduate university and it has experienced rapid growth ever since the 1990’s. Today, UCF can boast of a total student population more than 49,000 strong -- making it the 6th largest university in the nation -- with 12 colleges and almost 100 courses of study.

Recognition and Honors

As the academic caliber of UCF continues to rise, so does national recognition. In 2006, The Princeton Review cited UCF as one of its “Best 361 Colleges,” and in 2007, U.S. News & World Report ranked it as a Tier 3 National University. The school attracts good to great students out of high schools; most notable are the 43 National Merit Scholars attending UCF and joining the ranks of black and gold knights. This puts UCF in the top 50 schools when it comes to recruiting scholars. If you are a Floridian student, this level of education is a great deal seeing as you will probably pay about $3,560 annually. For out of state students, the price is higher at $17,763 a year, but everyone is looking at $7,265 per year for room and board.

Campus and Beyond

One of the most unique aspects of UCF is the noteworthy campus design – series of concentric circles that eliminate almost all motor traffic and keep the grounds pedestrian friendly. This design is reminiscent of Walt Disney’s famous EPCOT layout, with the student center and library in the center ring. Each college is designated a “slice of the pie” or a particular portion of the rings to house it’s academic buildings, and student housing is available in the outer-most ring. Though the campus is large, it is not large enough to house the extensive student population. 80% of UCF students live off campus in apartments, homes, or condos.

Off Campus Housing

As far as housing options go, UCF offers an unusual twist on the traditional apartment situation by developing two large UCF affiliated off campus apartment complexes. Pegasus Landing and Pegasus Pointe offer single, double and suite rooms, but the two complexes together offer only 3,750 beds leaving thousands of students in search of other options.

UCF campus is located just 13 miles east of downtown Orlando, just outside 434. If you are interested in leasing an apartment in the area, you can expect to pay $822 per month for a one bedroom. This is the area average, but you can possibly find less expensive leases at complexes such as Northgate Lakes. Now is a great time to look at purchasing an investment home in the Orlando area.

Other Helpful Resources

College Real Estate’s goal is to make the moving transition as worry and stress free as possible so we have created a moving center which provides you with helpful information from your utility providers to local grocery centers, restaurants, churches and much more.

College Real Estate also offers a How To database that will keep a new homeowner or those of you renting a house or an apartment from paying an arm and a leg for a service that can easily be done yourself. You can learn how to fix the garbage disposal, light the pilot light, the best way to get rid of rodents, and many other useful lessons. We invite you to take advantage of this knowledge or even post your own helpful article.