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College Real Estate

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Question 1 of 9

In what year of school are you or your child currently in?

Note: The sooner you make a decision to buy the better. Most professionals agree that holding a property for a minimum of three years is ideal in order to realize a positive return on investment.

Question 2 of 9

Are you likely to transfer to a different college at anytime during
your degree program?

Note: If you plan on transferring schools during your collegiate career, you may want to consider renting.

Question 3 of 9

How many siblings do you have who may also attend the same university?

Note: The longer you are able to hold on to a property the more opportunity you will have at yielding a higher return on your investment.

Question 4 of 9

Does your university currently have a high or low dorm to student ratio?
  • high (lots of dorm space)
  • medium
  • low (not enough to accommodate the masses)
  • not sure what our dorm to student ratio is

Note: A low dorm to student ratio makes it ideal for property owners looking to have a steady stream of renters due to the fact that the university cannot house them.

Question 5 of 9

Has yearly enrollment continued to rise at your prospective university?
  • High growth
  • Stays the same
  • Significant drop off
  • not sure about enrollment

Note: Continued growth in enrollment is a good sign that the university may eventually out grow dorm capacity and cause property nearby to increase in value. This could also mean a nice pool of renters if you should decide to hold on to the property post graduation.

Question 6 of 9

How long do you plan to keep the property?
  • 1-2yrs
  • 3-5yrs
  • 6+yrs

Note: Generally speaking, the property will need to appreciate a minimum of 8% to cover all the fees associated with selling the property. This includes closing costs, real estate commissions, etc.

Question 7 of 9

Will your son or daughter live in the property for the 1st year?
  • Yes
  • No

Note: There are special mortgage programs available for parents who are looking to purchase property for their children while in school. Ask your Realtor about these special loans or you can find more information in our workbook.

Question 8 of 9

Are you currently working with a realtor who specializes in campus area
real estate?
  • Yes
  • No

Note: Campus area real estate is a very unique niche. Only a realtor with an existing knowledge of that market will be able to best assist you with the transaction process.

Question 9 of 9

Have you read the College Real Estate guide book?
  • Yes
  • No

Note: We recommend that you read the College Real Estate guide book for a better understanding of the process and to help you decide if buying is indeed the right decision.
Thank you for taking the College Real Estate Quiz.