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Fresno CA Real Estate

Fresno State University

Fresno CA Real Estate

Welcome to the College Real Estate Page for Fresno State University in Fresno, California. Many parents ponder whether they should buy or rent while their students attend college. For some the answer is to buy and for others the answer is to rent. College Real Estate hopes to help you find which is the right answer for you. Another great tool in helping you decide is our College Real Estate guide book that walks you through the entire process of buying student property. We hope you find this site useful and welcome any and all feed back. If you would like to be connected with a College Real Estate's exclusive Realtor in Fresno, California please visit our buying page. If you have decided that buying student housing is not the right answer for you and would like to be connected with a leasing specialist please visit our leasing page.

Fresno State University

Part of the largest university system in the United States, the University of California at Fresno, or Fresno State, experiences the best of many worlds. Located in the Central Valley, almost the dead center of California, Fresno State sits at the foot of the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range and it is an easy drive to three national parks. However, don’t be deceived, Fresno State is not out in the boonies somewhere…it occupies the northeast corner of Fresno, the 6th largest city in California with a population of 481,000 people, which helps make up a metropolitan area of over 1 million. The student body is made up of 18,951 undergrads and 3,147 graduate students, and you will find a little bit of everything in this mostly Californian student population (only 6% are out-of-state students).

The university has earned the title “The People’s University” of California due in part to the relatively low cost. In Fresno, students can expect to pay $3,399 per year if they are from California, and $13,469 if they are coming from out-of-state. Room and board is estimated around $6,800 per year. The school offers eight colleges for specialized study and the Craig School of Business is a top-45 MBA awarding business school according to the Princeton Review. Fresno State also birthed a specific program to incorporate more students from under-serviced and rural Hispanic families, thus adding to its popularity among “the people.”

Around Fresno State

Fresno State campus is situated between Fraternity Row and Bulldog Stadium to the west and Highway 168 and the Save Mart Center, a renowned music venue, to the east. Shaw Avenue runs along the southern border, while north of campus you will find vineyards, orchards, and quality residential neighborhoods.

Fresno Housing Market

As far as housing options go, you can find just about anything you want, but most students do choose to look for off-campus housing after their freshman year. Now is a great time to consider purchasing an investment home in either the North Fresno or Clovis Unified School District areas north of campus. Real Estate inventory is steadily increasing and more sellers are offering great incentives and accommodations for prospective buyers. Approximately 70% of sellers and builders will pay the closing costs on both previously owned homes as well as new homes.

Prices are flexible in the area on residential real estate, and the cost of getting into a home is down flexible, especially if you are willing to make a cash deal. You could save up to $50K on an investment home right now in Fresno, where properties range from $225K to $465K in the most desirable areas. Most home buyers spend about three to four weeks searching and look at 10 to 20 properties in the area before settling on the one best for them.

Rental homes and apartments are certainly an option for your off campus housing search while at Fresno State, but rental properties aren’t cheap. The amount of money you would pump into a rental property is comparable to many mortgages, making an investment home much more beneficial in the long run.

Other Helpful Resources

College Real Estate’s goal is to make the moving transition as worry and stress free as possible so we have created a moving center which provides you with helpful information from your utility providers to local grocery centers, restaurants, churches and much more.

College Real Estate also offers a How To database that will keep a new homeowner or those of you renting a house or an apartment from paying an arm and a leg for a service that can easily be done yourself. You can learn how to fix the garbage disposal, light the pilot light, the best way to get rid of rodents, and many other useful lessons. We invite you to take advantage of this knowledge or even post your own helpful article.