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Bowling Green University

Bowling Green University Real Estate

Welcome to the College Real Estate Page for Bowling Green University in Bowling Green, Ohio. Many parents ponder whether they should buy or rent while their students attend college. For some the answer is to buy and for others the answer is to rent. College Real Estate hopes to help you find which is the right answer for you. Another great tool in helping you decide is our College Real Estate guide book that walks you through the entire process of buying student property. We hope you find this site useful and welcome any and all feed back. If you would like to be connected with a College Real Estate's exclusive Realtor in Bowling Green, Ohio please visit our buying page. If you have decided that buying student housing is not the right answer for you and would like to be connected with a leasing specialist please visit our leasing page.

Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, Ohio is a small town that gets to play host to a great school, Bowling Green State University. This 4 year public institution is home to 20,300 undergraduate and 3,000 graduate students for the ’07 – ’08 school year while 918 faculty members ensure that every one of them is getting a quality education. BGSU began as a training school for teachers and it is still one of the nation’s leading teacher preparation colleges. The Popular Culture Department, the Sports Management Department, and the Falcon Forensics Speech and Debate Team are all notable amidst BGSU academics.

BGSU participates in Division I ice hockey as well as Division I basketball. The Falcon football team is Division I-A and their biggest rival is the University of Toledo, just 20 miles away. Each year, the “Battle of I-75” is held and the winner gets to take home an American Indian peace pipe plus bragging rights for the year to come. To be a brown and orange Falcon, a typical in-state student must pay $9,135 per year for tuition and another $6,878 for room and board annually. Out-of-state students are looking at $23,127 (give or take a few bills) per year.

Bowling Green – A College, A Town, or Both?

Technically, Bowling Green is both a university and a town, but there are some unique factors that make these lines even more blurry than just the name. The majority of BGSU students are commuter, off-campus, and non-traditional students, according to the BGSU official website. Not only that, but approximately 50% of the 30,000 people living in Bowling Green are between the ages of 18 and 24…namely college students. Culturally, the town has absorbed quite a bit of the student persona, such as the weekly gothic music nights put on by I.G.U.N. (Industrial Gothic Underground Night).

Sales Market

The large student population of Bowling Green keeps it relatively protected from country-wide downturns in the real estate market, which is good news if you’re interested in purchasing investment property during your collegiate tenure at BGSU! Average selling price on a home in Bowling Green is $177K, but you may be able to find a single family 3 bedroom “fixer upper” for around $120K. Immediate move in homes won’t go lower than $150K, but if you are willing to put a little time and energy on improvements, you can find good homes for less. The housing market in Bowling Green has seen a consistent 2-3% appreciation annually, though there has been a slight decline over the past year. As you look at properties, keep in mind that Main Street, or State Route 25, runs N/S through town and it serves as a pretty definitive marker when it comes to off-campus student housing. The University campus is located east of Main Street, so most students want to live east as well…the closer to campus, the better.

Leasing Market

If property leasing is more your speed, you can expect to pay around $300 per bedroom whether you are in an apartment, town home, or house. There are some newer apartment complexes built with students in mind that offer nice suite setups, and you will pay at least $300-$350 per bedroom for those. Rental real estate is pretty readily available so your search shouldn’t take more than a few weeks, but you should also keep in mind that the city of Bowling Green has a law preventing more than three unrelated persons from sharing any residential space. So if you’re thinking of just packing more people in to keep it cheap…think again!

Other Helpful Resources

College Real Estate’s goal is to make the moving transition as worry and stress free as possible so we have created a moving center which provides you with helpful information from your utility providers to local grocery centers, restaurants, churches and much more.

College Real Estate also offers a How To database that will keep a new homeowner or those of you renting a house or an apartment from paying an arm and a leg for a service that can easily be done yourself. You can learn how to fix the garbage disposal, light the pilot light, the best way to get rid of rodents, and many other useful lessons. We invite you to take advantage of this knowledge or even post your own helpful article.