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How It Works

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As you know, student housing is an enormous contributor to real estate in college towns.

The College Real Estate Network was established to help connect students and their parents with experienced professionals in the university campus area real estate markets. The network was also designed to be a resource and place of information for issues that are important and relevant to student housing.

The college Real Estate Network was originally focused on the sales market and conceived as a place to give student homeowners a place to learn from many of the mistakes that we made during our own personal experience of owning and managing an investment property while attending the University of Texas in Austin. We then expanded our scope to sales and leasing and increased our vision to becoming a comprehensive network resource that covers all student housing needs. If a student or their parent needs to find a place to live, they contact us from our web site. We then have the ability to connect them with someone locally in their college town.

The CRE network is not only a place for students and their parents to find housing but it is also a place for the real estate professionals in campus area markets to network and connect with each other. There is much you can learn from one another as some of you have been active in campus area markets for many years and others are just beginning.

We currently have two opportunities for joining the College Real Estate network. The first is as a general network member and the second as an affiliate member.

Benefits of joining the network as a general member:

Benefits of joining the network as an affiliate member:

Cost of Membership

For each referral that you are sent there is a 25% referral fee that is to be paid to us from the gross commission before any splits.

Sales Requirements

Affiliate Partner of Leasing
The cost to become our regional affiliate partner of Leasing is $500 for the first year. You will receive 100% of our leasing referrals in your college town. Each year on the anniversary of your affiliate partnership the cost will be adjusted to reflect the approximate value of the partnership. For example, together we will assess the volume of leads that were sent, the quality of leads that were received, and the closing ratio as well as other factors to determine an approximate value. This will help streamline the process of sending referrals without requiring any referral fees for individual clients and thus referral agreements for each client.

In the rare event that you were unable to recover the cost of the affiliate partnership during the year, your affiliate partnership will be extended free of charge for an additional year.

Leasing Requirements